Over a decade ago, our founder of Lily Glass Design Inc. started a job in the glazing industry and learned the full range of field experience and designing the architectural aluminum and glass system. And now we will try to establish ourself as a fixture in the glass and glazing industry by setting standards in quality , competitive pricing, and most importantly, service. The critical factor in achieving success in any company, regardless of industry, is derived from its ability to consistently provide exceptional service. Our goal is to challenge ourselves to better serve our customers. We are a customer company, and that's not a slogan but it's one of our policy. 

We do all custom fit on most systems that carter for residential and all commercial type. Besides the supplying and installing, we also offer drafting and designing to all forms of customer; architects, builders, contractors and developers. We will provide the most efficient installation to our customers and prompt sevices to our client. And lastly our other objective which we set and base upon is speedy lead time and punctuality. Our teams of technicians is consist of experienced and well trained profassional individual.